Islamic Transformational Core Therapy

We all have problems and issues in the road of life.

However, systematic problems may stem from core issues that are programmed into us, whether through childhood or the longevity of living a certain way for long enough, that causes reprogramming of our core beliefs system.

Patterns can be reprogrammed into a healthy mindset. Believe you can change.

Islamic Transformational Core Therapy is a therapy I have developed being in the counselling field for over 3 decades.

Its fundamental concepts are to heal hearts and minds challenging and re-framing negative core beliefs for positive results

The therapy has helped clients to heal with speedy and transformational healing.

Being able to identify the core issues a client has means that each therapy is tailor made and unique for them.

A strong foundation is needed for solid building.

The therapy looks at rebuilding childhood perceptions to gain a strong foundation, which will grow and help reach your full potential which Allah has bestowed upon us.

    Sukoon Healing